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Port Equipment Control System
Case Introduction
Dongying Guangli Port
The world's first unmanned transportation operation system for dry bulk cargo terminal of Shandong Port
At the bulk cargo terminal of Shandong Port, Maxsense Technology has realized the world's first overall solution for unmanned transportation and completed technical verification. The first application is operated jointly by driverless wide-body dump truck, remote control loader and unmanned gantry crane, realizing the comprehensive unmanned transportation from the front of the bulk cargo terminal to the storage yard, which has contributed to the industry's first successful case. The project includes six self-driving pure electric wide-body dump trucks, vehicle dispatching system and remote driving system; The auto drive system at the end of the vehicle realizes the automatic driving function of the vehicle by deploying sensors and controllers in the vehicle; The vehicle dispatching system, through the connection with the port control system, obtains the transportation work order of the vehicle, reasonably plans its driving route, and then sends it to the designated vehicle, so as to realize the remote overall scheduling of the operating vehicles; The remote driving system is deployed in the field control center, which cooperates with the portal crane operation system of the unmanned loading and unloading ship in the port as a whole, and cooperates with the terminal overall control system (TOS, ECS) to achieve unmanned operation in the port area.