Three-level System
VCS system FOS system CSS system

For the production logistics scenario in a limited and closed area, the complete set of system solutions provided by Maxsense Technology can be summarized as a "cloud edge" three-level system. They are the Vehicle-end Unmanned Vehicle Control System (VCS), Fleet Operation System(FOS), and Cloud Support System (CSS) deployed in the public cloud. The system design fully considers the characteristics of product application scenarios, operation requirements, and multi-customer service requirements. The system has planned a complete set of product solution systems, which can effectively and quickly respond to the geographically dispersed service needs of various customers


VCS System
Intelligent Vehicle Control System
The VCS intelligent vehicle control system is mainly aimed at such scenes as mines, ports and professional parking areas. Through data acquisition of the whole spatial-temporal dynamic traffic information on roads -- multi-source perception -- intelligent decision -- robust control, it realizes automatic driving, road warning, traffic scheduling, information service, auxiliary parking and other functions to ensure the safety, efficiency, energy saving and convenience of vehicle driving. This product provides enhanced perception, auxiliary planning, guidance and control and other technical services for connected vehicles to build an integrated solution of vehicle, road and cloud of intelligent road network

Compatible with automatic, remote and manual driving modes

All-weather work, full scene awareness

Centimeter-level positioning and load
And adaptive control of road conditions

Safety design of hardware and software redundancy at vehicle end

FOS System
dispatching system
The FOS system is used to carry out the functions of on-site vehicle management, operation monitoring, production planning, operation scheduling, performance statistics, data management, maintenance management, etc., realize the centralized monitoring and management of on-site operation vehicle and equipment status behavior, support the mixed operation of unmanned vehicles and manned vehicles, realize the intelligent distribution and control of various manned and unmanned equipment operations from production tasks to the site, and provide users with data storage of on-site transportation operations Management, visualization and other platforms, supporting data docking and business interaction with customer business platforms

Localized deployment

Low latency and efficient

Real-time and intuitive


CSS System
cloud background support system
The CSS system is used to centrally monitor the health status of the driverless system in multiple scenarios such as mining areas, ports and professional fields, and display multi-dimensional information in real time to achieve accurate statistics and in-depth analysis of the operation data of the driverless system. Provide safe and reliable data distribution channels, support rapid function optimization and iterative upgrade of on-board system software

Life cycle managemen

Centralized monitoring

Remote Driving Control System
remote operating system

The remote driving control system is based on the 4G/5G network to realize the daily monitoring and emergency takeover of driverless vehicles, and provides a centralized solution for remote operation. It has been successfully used in special operation scenarios such as mining areas, ports and professional fields, and is gradually replacing the onboard safety officer, which ensures the safety of driverless systems while reducing the operating costs of driverless systems

real-time video transmission
remote control bridge design
Customized console
business process
Simulation Verification System
forward development simulation system

Maxsense Technology digitizes the application scenario of automatic driving in the way of mathematical modeling, builds a realistic model of the real world, and tests and verifies the auto drive system through software simulation. Simulation test combines road test and field operation to realize rapid iteration of product functions

mathematical modeling
Software simulation
Fast function iteration
Adaptive Vehicle Platform