Campus Recruitment
Microcontroller Engineer
Responsibility Description:
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of embedded software on the vehicle MCU platform.
  • Responsible for the formulation and implementation of communication protocols between embedded devices, such as the vehicle line control protocol.
  • Assist in customizing and developing device drivers and defining and developing communication protocols.
  • Responsible for optimizing the current embedded software products.
  • Responsible for editing and organizing software development documents.
  • Note: MCU stands for microcontroller unit, which is a small computer on a single integrated circuit that contains a processor core, memory, and programmable input/output peripherals.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor's degree or above, with priority given to majors in Mechatronics, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Automation, or related fields.
  • Proficient in using commonly used interfaces and related peripherals and sensors, such as SPI/I2C/UART/RS485/CAN.
  • Familiar with commonly used MCUs and Linux systems, with some knowledge of Linux driver development.
  • Familiar with commonly used communication protocols for embedded devices and able to formulate communication protocols between devices.
  • Understanding of real-time performance, functional safety, AUTOSAR, and other aspects of embedded devices.
  • Good foundation in algorithms and data structures, coding habits, document writing abilities, and English reading and writing abilities.
Vision Algorithm Engineer
Responsibility Description:
  • 1.Complete visual image processing, 3D reconstruction, and image stitching.
  • 2.Accomplish image information feature analysis, obstacle, ground marking, and lane line recognition.
  • 3.Complete location fusion calculation based on visual information, and complete feature object labeling, tracking, and recognition calculation processing.
  • 4.Use classical computer image recognition and machine learning algorithms to identify the environment, obstacles, markers, and drivable areas.
  • 5.Collaborate with SLAM engineers to develop navigation and positioning functions based on vision.
Job Requirements:
  • 1.Master's degree or above in majors such as Mechatronics, Automatic Control, Electronics, Computer Science, etc.
  • Have relevant development experience in image tracking, AOI detection, etc.
  • 2.Familiar with classical machine vision processing algorithms and binocular stereo vision application development.
  • 3.Candidates with experience in mobile robot visual navigation and positioning or unmanned driving visual navigation and positioning system development are preferred.
  • 4.Proficient in commonly used algorithms in machine learning such as deep learning and reinforcement learning, with application development experience.
  • 5.Proficient in OpenCV, proficient in C/C++, familiar with Linux development and debugging environment, and able to quickly implement algorithms.
  • 6.Have a solid foundation in data structure, algorithm development, and mathematics.
  • 7.Have good teamwork and communication skills, strong logical thinking ability, and learning ability.
Lidar Algorithm Engineer
Responsibility Description:
  • Calibration of extrinsic parameters for LiDAR sensors.
  • Develop obstacle detection, recognition, and tracking algorithms based on point cloud data using deep learning and traditional clustering methods.
  • Research and develop LiDAR semantic segmentation algorithms based on deep learning models to detect drivable spaces, curbs, lane lines, etc.
  • Responsible for algorithm optimization, porting, and product development engineering.
Job Requirements:
  • Master's degree or above, with a strong professional background.
  • Familiar with current mainstream deep learning algorithms, familiar with LiDAR or image-based deep learning algorithms and model compression methods; familiar with LiDAR point cloud filtering, clustering, and related methods.
  • Have experience in development under the Linux system; have a solid programming foundation and code implementation ability, proficient in algorithm development based on C++ or Python.
  • Candidates with experience in developing unmanned vehicle or robot projects are preferred.
  • CET-6 level or above in English, fluent in spoken English, able to read foreign materials.
  • Pursue excellence, have strong self-drive and learning abilities, and have a strong desire to transform technology into practical products; have good teamwork spirit, rigorous logical thinking ability, and efficient communication skills.