Open-pit Mines

Reduce on-site staff
Reduce fuel consumption
Improve efficiency
Extended working time
Case Introduction
Tongling Mining Area
In March 2021, Maxsense Technology and Anhui Tongling Mining signed the first overall contract for intra-mine transportation business, and deployed five self-driving wide-body dump trucks. The project fully adopted intelligent information system for vehicle scheduling in the intra-mine transportation operation. At the same time, the unmanned operation and the mixed operation of unmanned and manned have been fully realized, which is the first service project in China to fully realize the unmanned commercial operation of the carrying operation link, and has now entered the normal operation. In addition, Maxsense Technology has deployed a 5G private network and a complete FOS fleet management system in the mining area. In the face of many challenges such as "narrow roads, multiple meeting points" and the mixed operation and interaction of management vehicles and construction machinery, it will continue to polish the products, continuously optimize the system reliability, and ensure that the overall operating system fully covers all kinds of operating conditions in the mining area.
Guangxi Mining Area
In December 2022, the pure electric driverless wide-body mining car project of Maxsense Technology was further operated in Baisha Huarun Quarry, Fuchuan County, Hezhou City, Guangxi. Baisha Huarun Quarry, Fuchuan County, Hezhou City, Guangxi, has a resource reserve of 79966000 tons, the highest mining elevation is 481.5 meters, the lowest elevation is 280 meters, and the total mining area is about 0.6961 square kilometers, of which the first phase covers 0.4425 square kilometers, the second phase covers 0.207521 square kilometers, and the office area is 0.046079 square kilometers. After the full inspection of the flatness, width, radian, etc. of the ore transport road in the mining area, the loading platform of the excavator, the broken unloading platform and other indicators, the tramcar carries out the cycle of loading, transportation and unloading under the control of the control center. By configuring environmental awareness system, behavior control and decision-making system, positioning system and high-precision map for mining equipment, Maxsense Technology realizes the cycle of loading, transporting and unloading automatically according to the mine dispatching instructions under unmanned operation, and achieves the goal of efficient and safe mining operations.
Weifang Mining Area
In November 2021, Maxsense Technology delivered the 90T diesel L4 self-driving wide-body dump truck for Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute for the first time, which was safely and smoothly tested and highly recognized by Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute. In April 2022, the automatic driving wide-body dump truck of Maxsense Technology was delivered for the second time at Tianjin Cement Institute. In August of the same year, the Tianjin Institute officially used the automatic driving wide-body dump truck of Maxsense Technology for on-site operation in a mining area in Weifang, Shandong Province, which means that the project has reached a milestone and the scale of the mine operation automatic driving fleet will be further expanded.