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Alliance, consensus, sharing, and win-win situation
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Founded in 2018, Maxsense Technology is a technology and service provider focusing on L4 autonomous driving application system solutions. The current product system is mainly aimed at the application of commercial vehicles in limited scenarios such as mining areas, port areas and professional fields. Guided by the development of relevant products of the solution of the autonomous driving intelligent operation system, Maxsense Technology has carried out a full stack of software and hardware technology layout, and fully considered the feasibility of the commercial landing of the autonomous driving technology. The core team members are from the Robotics Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and also from BMW, GE, Zhenhua Heavy Industry, Volkswagen, Intel, China Electronics, Shenhua and other industrial fields. Master's degree or above accounts for 60% of the total. Many members have overseas study experience, a united and progressive working atmosphere, and a reasonable combination of professional and industrial backgrounds, which ensures the rapid iteration of their own technology and products, and is the strongest guarantee for the success of the development of the independent products of the whole stack.
The models covered by the company include wide-body dump truck, road dump truck, tractor and frame AGV. In the port scenario, Maxsense Technology has been implemented in the ports of Shandong Port for the first time in the world, completed full technical verification and achieved normal operation.
At present, the company has cooperated with Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Weichai Group, China Ordnance Group, China Building Materials, Shandong Port Group, Huayue Holdings, Weicheng Wanxin and other large domestic groups or industry leaders, and put them into commercial applications in batches.
Maxsense Technology is committed to the era tide of intelligent robot technology to comprehensively promote social development. It will adhere to the enterprise development concept of alliance, consensus, sharing and win-win, and share development results with external partners and team members.

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